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What's our game?

  Community Led Development! 

All around New Zealand, communities like Carterton, are bringing people together to create good stuff for the folk who connect within these communities.  Carterton is one of 19 communities that are developing ideas and working with the DIA.

It all took hold with Inspiring Communities who proudly describe themselves as a 'backbone organisation' operating across many sectors at multiple levels. They are the reference point for Community-led Development (CLD) in New Zealand and they have developed a te reo Māori term for CLD: Te Whakawhanake ā-Hapori. This reflects the weaving and inter-relationships of everyone who contributes to the whenua/place.  They have built on international and local practice-based evidence to grow and share expertise.  It makes good sense.  There are five core CLD principles that they follow:

    Principle 1.  Grow from shared local vision.

    Principle 2.  Build from strengths.

    Principle 3.  Work with diverse people and sectors.

    Principle 4.  Grow collaborative local leadership

    Principle 5.  Learn by doing.

You still want more?  Check out more detail of the CLD principles to really get your head around it.  

Inspiring Communities operates under the creative commons license A-NC-SA you can read more about it here

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