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More detail of the five CLD* Principles

* Community-led Development 

1.  Grow from shared local visions

• Learn about tāngata whenua, their history and aspirations. • Understand who was in this place, who is in this place and who will be in this place. • Build plans with those who live, work, care, play, and invest in a place. • Tailor-make solutions that reflect local ambitions, goals and contexts. • Grow a shared sense of optimism and collective ownership of the future.


2.  Build from strengths

• Everyone has a contribution to make. • Value residents as ‘experts’ in their place. • Proactively involve people who are frequently ignored. • Recognise the strengths tāngata whenua, bring and build respectful relationships. • Value community assets. Use what you’ve got to help get what you want.

3.  Work with diverse people and sectors

• Foster connections between groups who don’t usually work together. • Support the aspirations of local whānau, hapū and iwi. • Ensure residents are actively involved in all aspects. • Build relationships between neighbours. • Encourage networking between community-led initiatives locally, regionally and nationally.

4.  Grow collaborative local leadership

• Seek leadership from across the community – everyone is a potential leader. • Value different cultural approaches to leadership. • Support local people who are doing things and connect them to others to grow their effectiveness. • Invest in developing skills and capacity of local leaders. • Celebrate local leaders and community achievements.

5.  Learn by doing

• Plan and work adaptively. • Build in time for structured reflection to understand what’s working and what’s not. • Use data and insights to measure impact. Document and share progress widely. • Embrace small steps that contribute to transformational change. • Use local practice-informed evidence to support system changes locally and nationally.

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