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Congratulations to the Carterton Centre for Kaitiakitanga, winner of

Ka Pai SOUP round two!


Wowsers Carterton, what a turnout! Thank you to all who came down, supported five incredible pitches and shared in the celebration of signing a further 3 year partnership between the Department of Internal Affairs and Ka Pai Carterton.

Huge congratulations to The Carterton Centre for Kaitiakitanga, who took home over $1700 to go towards developing the business case and plans for New Zealand’s first fully sustainable building to be developed on site at

Te Kura o Papatuanuku Wairarapa Earth School Charitable Trust's base at South End School.

Pitched by Emilie Neubauer, the centre narrowly took out the prize ahead of Sam Buck who pitched on behalf of Dirt Therapy, an EV motocross and adventure park hoping to establish themselves in the Carterton district.

Our 130 strong crowd were also treated to entertaining and informative pitches from:

The Pantry Project pitched by Planalytics NZ Ltd 's Lucy Cooper, Tiff and

Ant North Catering- aiming to provide recipe cards and videos for those utilising food bank parcels, Jacinda Johnstone on behalf of the Wairarapa Aero Club

pitching a youth aviation immersion initiative and Michael Woodcock's Wellness retreat Live Like The River Flows

So exciting to have such amazing ideas, energy and support in our district, thank you to all who pitched and all who voted!

You can watch the top 2 pitches below by clicking on the images. If interested in further supporting any of these initiatives get in touch with the pitchers, links to contacts included below, or email and we can put you in touch.

The next Ka Pai SOUP is in the planning for October 2020 so if you have an idea or project you would like to pitch, get in touch!

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Winners of the July

Ka Pai SOUP event 

The Carterton Centre for Kaitiakitanga

Pitching to receive funding towards developing the business case and plans for New Zealand’s first fully sustainable building at Te Kura o Papatuanuku Wairarapa Earth School 

Contact Emilie Neubauer 

Dirt Therapy

Pitching to create awareness around their concept and to find suitable land on which to create New Zealand's first all year round outdoor EV adventure park.

Contact:  Sam Buck

The Pantry Project

A series of Facebook videos and recipe cards that will accompany Food bank parcels showing  people how to create nutritious meals with the ingredients received in a food parcel.

Pitched by Lucy Cooper, Ant and Tiff North

Contact: Lucy Cooper

Wairarapa Youth Aviation Immersion Programme

Pitch to create awareness of and support for Wairarapa Aeroclub's concept for youth immersion weekends to be held out of Hood Aerodrome.  

Contact: Jacinda Johnston

Live Like The River Flows

Pitching a wellness retreat that provides a range of forest (ngahere) based nature-connecting activities and workshops in the Tararua and Remutaka Forest Parks.

Contact: Michael Woodcock

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