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 takes out round 3!


Another fantastic Ka Pai SOUP community event - with 9 yr old Tess and 11 yr old Graycie  taking out the win and $1270  towards developing their idea of a creative  space for kids.  Step one will be hosting a creative festival like day for kids to get inspired and have fun  - with the aim of having a permanent space for kids to get their "art" on!  

(NBThis pot was generously topped up to $1350 by two further generous donations post event!)

It was a tight contest across all pitches, with the community keen to see all projects be given support on the night.

Amanda Taylor’s House of Science aims to ‘raise Ashley Bloomfields’ by making science available, and exciting, to Carterton primary school children.

Jonáš Koukl and Catherine Cooper proposed Timeless Skills Camps to connect people in order to make them stronger, happier and healthier.

Helen Dew spoke about a local green currency – ‘the ultimate loyalty tool’.

Rob Stockley pitched an installation in a public place that can inform people about local history with story boards, maps and QR codes.

Fantastic to have such amazing ideas, energy and support in our district, thank you to all who pitched and all who voted!

You can watch the pitches below by clicking on the images. If interested in further supporting any of these initiatives email and we can put you in touch.

The next Ka Pai SOUP is in the planning for February 2021 so if you have an idea or project you would like to pitch, get in touch!

cARTerton Kids Day

kapai kai (2).png

Congratulations Tess & Grayce, 


Winners of Round3!!

Scroll down to view all 5 pitches 

cARTerton Kids Day

Pitching to receive funding towards developing a creative  day for kids in Carterton


Science in a Blue Box

House of Science Wairarapa is a charitable trust that provide science resources (in blue boxes) to local primary schools. Their goal is to make fun and hands-on science learning available to all Carterton (and Wairarapa) children, and build their confidence and ability in science.

Contact:  Amanda Taylor

Timeless Skills Project

Pitching to host aTimeless Skills Camps where people of all ages can share and practice skills that will help our community to thrive in tomorrow’s world. 

Pitched by Jonáš Koukl and Catherine Cooper 

Contact: Jonáš Koukl 

Story telling our local history

Pitch to develop a collaborative project telling the stories from Wairarapa’s early history.  

Contact:  Rob Stockley

Local Currency for Carterton

Pitching the concept of a local currency for Carterton 

Contact: Helen Dew

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