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Promoting community-based development through crowdfunding, creativity, collaboration, democracy and fun

COVID Level 2 restrictions have twice hampered our attempts to host

Ka Pai SOUP Round 5 and so we pushed on through and took it online! 

Four community groups or individuals pitching their projects, groups,

events or small business that support our community in Carterton.

And our community supported - by watching the video presentations

and voting in droves!

Congratulations Carterton Swim Club, who's pitch resonated with our community and took a clear majority  of the votes. The Club now has $1500 towards the next steps in realising their goal of creating the best possible indoor facility they can for our community.

"On behalf of The Carterton Swimming Club we are blown away by all the community support and that it's obviously a project that resonates with the community and that local people believe in.  Winning KaPai Soup has given us a boost to achieve our end goal of building a new structure around the indoor pool and making it the best possible facility for our awesome community.

We'd love the support to continue by people helping any way they can.  Please email Kellee McCurdy on if you'd like to assist on the project. '

Complete Cow, the Carterton Catch Up Festival and Men's Group Wairarapa each had significant support, and we know that by watching, voting and getting involved, their projects and our community are benefitting through connection, awareness and support.


Thank you to all who watched, voted and supported our community.




1. Carterton Swim Club

Pitching to bring awareness to the Carterton Swim Club, its services to the community and the significant project currently underway to upgrade facilities.

Contact: Kelly McCurdy, Carterton Swim Club Secretary

2. A Complete Cow

Pitching to bring awareness for a new local meat business, with the emphasis on the small, slow, and sustainable! 

Contact:  Claire Wells


3. Men's Group Wairarapa

The non-profit community organisation purposed to support men though mutual support, preventing isolation, improving mental health, and growing strong leaders.

Contact: Jonáš Koukl

4. Carterton's Catch Up Carnival

Pitch to bring together Carterton's community groups and events for one big catch up post COVID 

Contact: Paul Dykes


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