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Ka Pai Carterton

Community Led Development Programme

Ka Pai Carterton Community Led Development Programme (CLDP) is a two-year partnership between the Department of Internal Affairs and Resilient Carterton.  The intention of the CLDP will support/help/work with the community - allowing people to envisage the Carterton they'd like to see. 

Don't worry, assistance and support will be on hand from Ka Pai staff, committee and the DIA but essentially the community will be in the driving seat to steer the change.  Grab the opportunity to get involved.     

Ka Pai Carterton has a few layers but once you know how they all connect it's pretty simple. 








In the mix we've got the Department of Internal Affairs, whom have a vested interest in seeing the community thrive.  They provide support, advice (and where appropriate) funding. Next we have REAP who are the funds holder (and employer to our two staff, we'll get to that soon).  The Ka Pai committee is next in the chain, they are the steering group and meet once a month to talk all things Ka Pai Carterton.  Resilient Carterton has two representatives on the committee, they are actively involved every step of the way, that makes sense given they started the ball rolling.  The Ka Pai staff consists of a community facilitator and an administrator/analyst, they manage the day-to-day running of the project and these are the people who interact most with you, the Community - you're the stakeholders.  Need some more?  Put names to the faces and hear what they have to share.  They're a friendly bunch so if you would like to get in touch, please do!

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