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Can anyone join in?

You sure can!  It's Community-led Development - we love it when people get involved.  Book us in for a chat, as a group (we could bring morning tea, yum! ) or on your own, complete the survey and tell your friends.  Spread the Ka Pai Carterton word today.  Don't be shy.



Seek us out for a chat.


Tell us what you'd like to: add/ditch/improve/keep in Carterton.


Follow us on Facebook and Instagram #kapaicarterton


Attend our community events


Tell your friends what we are up to


Think how else you can be involved

Shared local visions or goals drive action and change


“Successful communities recognise that the future is something they can build for themselves. They take the time to develop a vision of the future they want and then use a process that helps them to achieve their goals.

Achieving the future you want takes hard work. But successful communities understand that the things they dream about will only become real through great effort, determination and teamwork.

Sometimes the vision isn’t written down but there is a common and shared understanding about what the community is working towards and activities and action are guided by this. In some communities the vision has been there for decades and has been passed on from one generation to another." 
                                                                                                                               New Zealand Futures Trust

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