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What is Ka Pai Carterton?

Ka Pai Carterton is a conduit between the people in Carterton with great ideas that will benefit our community and the resources to make them happen.


Who funds Ka Pai Carterton? 

The Department of Internal Affairs funds the resourcing of the project (staffing, engagement and committee costs). Once in implementation phase, projects included in the plan will be supported by Ka Pai Carterton to access funding through the DIA and other funding streams.


Is this a Council initiative

No, Ka Pai Carterton was developed as a partnership between Resilient Carterton and the Department of Internal Affairs under the Community Led Development Partnership programme. In this partnership the DIA offers advice and support and will work with other government agencies, tangata whenua, local authorities, funders, businesses and local organisations to support the community achieve their locally-led initiatives.


So it's not being funded by the ratepayers?

No, Ka pai Carterton is funded by the Department of Internal Affairs and works independently from the Council.


How long will Ka Pai Carterton be running? 

Ka Pai Carterton is seeking funding for a 3 year implementation period to support the resourcing of Ka Pai Carterton and implementation of community projects included in the plan.


If an idea requires significant funding, will it be ignored?

ALL ideas will be assessed on whether they will support the community’s vision and aspirations as captured under the Community Plan. Ka Pai Carterton’s role is to support the implementation of projects driven by the community, for the community, big or small.


What happens after the 3 year implementation?

Ka Pai Carterton’s aim is to develop a champion community that has the knowledge and access to resources it needs to continue to develop and deliver any project that benefits the community of Carterton.


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