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Promoting community-based development through crowdfunding, creativity, collaboration, democracy and fun


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Christmas is set to be a whole lot brighter this year for local kids in need!

Congratulations Carterton Kindergarten who’s pitch with Toymaker Martin now has over $1000 to support kindy kids develop toy making skills whilst making toys to go under the charity tree at the A Very Carterton Christmas party!

Organiser of the Christmas event, Lou Newman also pitched on the night raising awareness for the community event planned for Sunday 11 Dec. Shoppertunity - a youth led initiative to activate a central CBD space, a Carrington Park mural designed by user groups of the park and an exciting new trampoline park Go Zone all grew their fan clubs and raised support for their locally focussed projects.

Big thank you to those who pitched, the Carterton Events Centre team, Carterton Scout Group for serving up the soup, the always awesome Rebecca Vergunst for ensuring delicious soup was served alongside The Clareville Bakery bread! 

Carterton Kindergarten

Pitching to run toy making workshops for students with all outputs donated to local families in need at Christmas.



Contact Nelly

A Very Carterton Christmas

Pitching a free family Christmas event at Carrington Park Dec 2022



Contact:  Lou Newman


Pitching the opportunity of developing a pop up space for youth led enterprises in Carterton


Pitched by Rebecca Vergunst

Carrington Park Mural

Pitch to bring together user groups of Carrington Park to create a mural for the back of the bowls club

Contact: Ray Beale

Go Zone

Unfortunately Amanda was unable to attend on the evening, so this pitch was not included in the voting. We were however able to share a sneak peak of her pitch, for an exciting new trampoline park coming to Carterton in early 2023

Contact: Amanda Mitchell

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