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Promoting community-based development through crowdfunding, creativity, collaboration, democracy and fun

KA PAI SOUP is a social event that aims to make community initiatives and cool wee projects happen quickly in Carterton.

Up to six people pitch their ideas on the night to vie for the ‘pot’ of cash up for grabs. For their ticket price of $10 (which goes directly into the 'pot'), attendees get to listen in, receive delicious (hopefully!) soup, bread and a vote for their favourite idea. At the end of the night, the idea with the most votes goes home with the pot of money to carry out their project or a discrete part of it. We ask that the winner share their story of how they made use of the money too by attending a future event or through a Facebook page. SOUP is a fun, interesting event where people get excited about ideas and projects. We hope people get a kick about the directness of soup: you hear ideas and vote and someone goes home with the money on the night to help make it happen in our community.

To understand more, have a look at Detroit SOUP - which this event is based on and see the initiatives that have benefitted from this community micro funding.

Interested in pitching? Get in touch! Email or pop in and see us at 3Mile. 

Want help with your pitch? Check out the Perfect Pitch, an overview of how to get your pitch bang on - or come see us and let us help. 

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Carterton Kindergarten

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