Who are we? Ka Pai Committee

The Ka Pai Committee oversees the strategy and governance of Ka Pai Carterton Community Led Development Programme.  Collaborative and engaged, each committee member was selected to ensure that the voices from across the Carterton district were heard.  We've got people from community groups, council, DIA, education, faith based, iwi,  local business, retirees, rural and youth.  And guess what... they're all Carterton locals, living or working in our community. 

Andy Eldred
St Mark's Anglican Church

"Ka Pai Carterton to me is a fantastic opportunity to empower the Carterton community to become a unifed force in actualising our community's potential.  To envision, create and sustain projects that will meet the needs of residents and enhance the quality of life in Carterton."

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Dan Broughton
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"Ka Pai Carterton is an opportunity for the town/region to engage with hands-on projects that mean something to them and will achieve a positive outcome for others. Essentially a means for creativity to take place with a focused goal."

David Parr

"I represent the growing group of retirees settling in Carterton. I am involved as secretary with Menzshed, U3A as newsletter editor and a board member wtih Hospice and my wife is also part of several community groups. 

My aim is that the completion of community projects under the Ka Pai banner will confirm to residents that Carterton is a great place to live, where they feel connected to their neighbours and  part of something worthwhile." 

Glenda Seville
Carterton District Council
Mike Osborne
Resilient Carterton

"To me, Ka Pai Carterton is an opportunity to bring our community closer together. There will be tangible things created but it’s the intangible value of developed trust and connections that will build resilience and a happier, stronger community."

Ra Smith
Lands Trust/Iwi

"Ka Pai Carterton is the community intervening to develop its future.  I bring a Maori perspective for Carterton to be an asset to the whole of the community.  I hope Ka Pai Carterton brings a future Carterton we have shaped together."

Winnie Mahowa
Department of Internal Affairs
Cimone Grayson
Community Facilitator
Lucy McKenzie
Community Facilitator

"I am excited to be the Community Advisor from the DIA who works closely with Resilient Carterton in the Ka Pai Carterton Community Led Development Programme. Under this partnership, I am looking forward to supporting the Carterton community as they come up with a plan that will enable them to work together to achieve their goals. The wide representation on the Ka Pai Committee ensures that all the sectors of the Carterton community will be able to actively participate in the Programme."


"This is an opportunity for everyone who associates with Carterton to gather up our ideas and turn them into a shared vision for our community.  With new ideas, fresh eyes, a 'can do' attitude and a willingness to connect with all people from across the entire community we'll create something awesome." 


"I am excited to get to know our communtiy better so we can develop a plan that truly captures a thriving future Carterton.

The partnering of the DIA on this project provides an amazing opportunity for our community to access the advice and funding needed to get projects big and small off the ground and running."