Ka Pai Carterton Community Led Development Programme 

in a nutshell ...

Kia ora! We're about talking to people - you lot in the Carterton community especially.  If you connect with Carterton: live here, work here, gather here or play here (see the theme?) then we want to talk to YOU and discover ways you want to build change within our superb district of Carterton.  We are in partnership with the Department of Internal Affairs - and with your input - we've developed a Carterton Community Plan detailing changes you would love to see in Carterton.  We invite you to 'lead the charge' in bringing some of these ideas to life.  It's a Community-led Development so it's for all of us, build strong leaderships and share the journey.  

We want to learn from all you


Tell us what you want to see in your community.  Shape the future you want for Carterton.

3 Mile, 66 High Street North

Carterton, 5713

Wairarapa, Aotearoa

Tel: 027 399 7789